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19 varieties for your delicious recipes!

Give it a try? 

We promise a delightful experience!

Texture               Supreme.

Non-organic Pastas

ONE ingredient.

All pasta styles specially crafted to their perfection.
Satisfying mouth-feel, short cuts and long cuts, and kids will laugh with JOY and LOVE our FUN SHAP
E Pasta (Little Dreams)!

All made with dedication in a dedicated gluten-free facility.


Brown Rice Little Dreams

We have the unique and cute animals and intriguing shapes that kids will love ❤️! Little one’s dreams telling, exchange at meals, making every meal a fun gathering!

Brown Rice Spirals


One of our top-sellers! Cooks like any regular pasta, only that it is certified gluten-free. Our pastas do not use refined flour. We have the rice grinded in-house. And in a specialized and rice grain dedicated facility. One ingredient.

Brown Rice Fusilli

Try this scoobi-doo pasta shape and extra-light texture on fruit salad for a totally delightful mouthfeel! Its light texture works wonderfully with the fruit and sauces. 

Brown Rice Elbow

Macacroni and cheese! The lightness of our elbow macaroni fits perfectly, and yes perfectly with cheese!  Why yes, with egg or potato salad too!

Brown Rice Penne

Our Penne is especially made both to capture sauce in the hollow and for enjoyment of a smooth texture.  Supreme!

Brown Rice Shells

This pearly shape pasta just blends in perfectly with minestrone and other vegetable soup.

Brown Rice Spaghetti

PASTA SPAGHETTI! One ingredient premium product, and GLUTEN-FREE! Meat-balls and any sauce! Simply nothing else but ENJOYMENT! 😄 Delicious! Al dente, rightly deserving to be one of our top favorites!

Brown Rice Fettucini

This finely crafted pasta style will give you a delicious break from too much spaghetti.  Any sauce, no regrets, just hands clapping!

Our pastas are uniquely textured for sauce capturing and smoothness.

That is, for bringing out the best of your recipes....
and everybody's delight!

Tinkyada Brown Rice Spirals 2

Organic Pastas

USDA Organic. All our organic are certified by OCIA.
27 years’ dedication to satisfy PASTA-LOVERS who look for delicious organic gluten-free pastas!  

One grain facility. One ingredient. 
We keep it SIMPLE. We make it GREAT!

Organic Brown Rice Elbow

Macaroni and cheese, in healthy gluten free style! An excellent choice for pasta salads too! And it is lightly textured and so you can enjoy more! Cheers! ENJOY!

Organic Brown Rice Penne

Our Penne is especially made both to capture sauce in the hollow and for enjoyment of a smooth texture.  Supreme!

Organic Brown Rice Spirals

Twirly corkscrews! Tomato, creamy sauces….Pesto, Yes, of course!  Bake them, twirl them, put in spices and enjoy!

Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti

That you deserve to have the best pasta to enjoy, a pasta that strikes a fine position at GOOD HEALTH, TEXTURE AND TASTE

Organic Brown Rice Lasagne

An ever commitment to make sure that our customers enjoy our pastas bite after bite.

One Pot Chili Mac.jpg

Baking JOY Pastas

We understand this. Our Lasagne does not give you a stuffy feeling and so you can enjoy more!  Your guests will clap their hands!

Go to our Product Lasagne page and see

Industry-unique grand jumbo shells! VOW, we fill the void! CHEERS!

Brown Rice Lasagne

The texture of our lasagna is just unique. Very light mouthfeel and not stuffy, and if you are not gluten intolerant, just make a dish to have it compared to other lasagna and you will tell the superior Tinkyada difference.

Brown Rice Grand Shell

This gluten-free jumbo shell is industry unique, and made especially to fill the void and to bring joy to people with gluten intolerance.Yet, its light and superb texture will make stuffing dishes shine….and smiles and satisfaction from even your not gluten intolerant guests!

Creamy Penne pasta with sausage and tomato.png

Vegetable Pastas

Getting away from plain pastas, delicious as they are too, and want some veggie taste in the pastas? The spinach aroma and the extra vitamin will add color to your dinner dish!

We keep to simple ingredients that most people would enjoy - our veggie pastas have the same good texture that will bring your other ingredients to sublimation. Enjoy!

Vegetable Brown Rice Spirals

Super, super! Benefits for the heart, eye, skin and hair, blood sugar, immunity system, aiding weight loss…. in whole grain brown rice Spirals style! Makes a yummy and delightful dish!

Spinach Brown Rice Spaghetti

Spinach! All-rounded Power health angel!  Plenty of antioxidants, good for the heart and eyes, reduces blood sugar, boosts the immunity system…. here’s with whole grain brown rice too! 

Vegan Pumpkin Pasta

19 varieties, organic, regular and vegetable pastas…. for your ultimate enjoyment!

White Rice Pastas
No preservatives/emulsifiers

White Rice Spaghetti

This one is righty irresistible!  Perfect smoothness! Al dente! That’s why customers are asking for our white rice variety pastas! Soup or stir-fry, simply a white angel!

White Elbow.png

White Rice Elbow

Coming Soon

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