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Touching Moments

Subject: Pasta Joy
And I DO mean JOY! ….They are absolutely delicious -- even more so than wheat pastas….. I tried this salad made with your Pasta Joy spiral pasta, and also with the spaghetti pasta and am very pleased with the result.

Subject: Tinkyada won!
Did you know your pasta won Hall of Fame honors in the San Francisco Chronicle's gluten-free pasta tasting?…. I just buy a whole lot of Tinkyada pasta, and my 5 yr old son thinks your Little Dreams is the best stuff ever.

Subject: Absolutely Delicious!
I just have to tell you that I am beyond impressed with your rice pasta! I had tried other brands in the past, desperately trying…. Finally!!! Tinkyada is the best and only rice pasta I have eaten and actually enjoyed! Thank you so much for your company’s dedication to providing healthy food that is top quality and delicious!  I will definitely buy again and tell all my friends!

Subject: THANK YOU!
Hello! All I can say is THANK YOU a million times for creating the best brown rice pasta on the face of the planet… I could not believe my eyes or my tastebuds! This pasta does not fall apart and tastes just like regular pasta.

Subject: Not mushy
…. For the first time in years I was eating pasta that held up under cooking and tasted like "real" pasta with each strand of spaghetti separate… Many, many thanks to you for developing a pasta that not only tastes good but does not clump or get mushy.

Subject: What a great product
…This product demonstrates that a true whole grain food is truly superior. So true, not mushy.
Thanks for a great product…

Subject: salad or re-heat
We really appreciate the fact that it is not gummy and on the rare occasion that there is a little left, it is good the next day in salad or re-heated… Thank you again for such a quality product, truly way above the competition.

Subject: Absolutely wonderful
…Your Lasagna in this case was not only great but far superior to the pastas we had used in the past...I don't normally bother to write to a company I'm pleased with,...but in a world where mediocre seems to be the norm it's wonderful to find someone who exceeds expectations...Kudos...Keep up the good work...I'll spread the word to everyone I know...

Subject: I’ve eaten tons of them
….your Tinkyada Rice Pasta is the best I've ever eaten. Like you mentioned, other pastas turn into mush when cooked, etc. I'll be seventy years old next year, and I've eaten tons of pasta, but yours is absolutely the best. Keep making's beautiful!!

Subject: we love your pasta!
I just wanted to tell you that my husband & I absolutely love your pasta! …  We have also tried rice pasta products made by other companies, but yours just blows them away!  Yours never gets mushy and it's just delicious!  We've used it in soups, for casseroles, for pasta salads, and noodle kugels and with excellent results!

Subject: love of life
I want to tell you that your product is wonderful…have switched to eating Tinkyada Rice Pasta…It is a good feeling to know what you are eating is good for you, especially when I see the results of my friend who was violently ill last year now glows with health and the love of life.

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Subject: ALL qualifiers

I used your pasta noodles the other night for a spinach lasagna and was incredibly delighted. It met ALL qualifiers of taste, texture and health.  My husband …. and with his diet change so goes a life change.  I am delighted this life change can include your pasta!


Subject: Heavenly

This is a truly amazing product that lives up to all its claims! Incredible! After trying the spaghetti, I emailed a friend who is also on a wheat-free diet. She tried it, and emailed back thanking me for the tip and telling me she had sent my mail on to a few more people she knew who no longer eat wheat. Last night I made lasagne for the first time in a couple years. Heavenly. I have two more varieties waiting in my kitchen….


Subject: Tinkyada Pasta 

My sincere thanks to you and your family for developing the pastas I have recently tried.  I have a wheat allergy, which leads to anaphylaxic shock.  I went to Charlotte, N.C., to visit my cousin and her family for Easter, and my cousin searched for foods which I could eat.  Much to my surprise and delight, my she found Tinkyada pasta in a local organic food store.  My allergy developed about 10 years ago, being Italian, you can imagine my distress at not being able to eat pasta. Other wheat free pastas could barely withstand the cooking process.  Leftovers would clump into one mass, and would have to be disposed of rather than saved for another serving.  As I ate the Tinkyada spaghetti, I took out my Epipen and had to keep looking at the package to see where the wheat ingredient was hidden.  For the first time in years I was eating pasta that held up undercooking and tasted like “real” pasta with each strand of spaghetti separate.  I was even able to eat the leftovers the next day for lunch.  Many, many thanks to you and your family for developing a pasta that not only tastes good but does not clump or get mushy.  I am so happy that my cousin found this product, and that it is available at my local health food store.  I hope American Sales in Oak Lawn, IL, will get theLasagna noodles and large shells in stock.  I haven’t eaten Lasagna or stuffed shells in 10 years, and look forward to the time when I will be able to do just that. Subject: Yum!!! Since discovering Tinkyada pastas 6 years ago, I have not bought any other brand!  No other pasta has the great taste and consistency that Tinkyada has (and I'm including all other ready made semolina type pastas).  My whole family prefers brown rice pasta now over anything else.  Thanks so much for a nutritious, yummy product.


Subject: Organic line 


Subject: The best pasta!!


Thank you so much for making this wonderful pasta! I have never emailed a food company before but I had to stop and say THANK YOU!!! I do eat gluten but my husband avoids gluten and we both love your spaghetti pasta so much. I have told my family to try your product as well. It's just delicious. You must be some sort of wizards! We have tried many different gluten free pastas and yours is by far the very best and so easy to cook!!


Thank you!!! Sending love from Detroit, Michigan, USA. 


- Tracie”

Subject: Thank You Tinkyada


“I just wanted to write to thank the folks at Tinkyada for all your lovely pasta's.  I have multiple food allergies, and have a limited menu when it comes to store bought products.  I've tried almost all the gluten free pasta's out there, and no one comes close to Tinkyada!  I Love pasta!   It's been part of my life since I was born.   Then sixteen years ago my health declined, and I could no longer eat pasta of any kind until I found Tinkyada.

To me, Tinkyada has the same taste and texture as semolina pasta.  I love the quality, quantity and pricing.  I also love that I'm able to purchase your product at several shops in my area.  Sadly, none of them carry the mini or small shells anymore (one of my personal favorites).  I just wanted to say thank you for providing a wonderful product, esp. now during these uncertain times.  It brings me comfort, and some sort of normalcy back into my holidays.  Last night we had linguini and clam sauce, last week spirals with meat sauce.  For Christmas, my husband and I are excited to bake lasagna together using Tinkyada lasagna noodles!  

I wanted to stop and take a moment to let you know how grateful I am for you, and Tinkyada pasta's.  Have a Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year.



Subject: Your amazing product - my embarrassing story


I’m a second generation Italian. I love to eat, love to cook and I know pasta. I was devastated four years ago to learn I am gluten intolerant. How would I live without decent pasta. So I pretty much gave it up. All the GF stuff I tried was - well - just bad.


I bought some of your Brown Rice pasta along with other brands - for a lasagna recipe that a woman was going to prepare for me. So I got a selection of Gluten Free Lasagna pastas for her to use. Well that never happened. And I left the packages sit in the cupboard for months. Then I reluctantly used the lasagna pasta when I had let the cupboard run low and there was no alternative - (I’ve not eaten much pasta since finding I was intolerant - I just gave up.) The first box, by a competitor was what I expected and nothing special. So a few weeks later I reluctantly prepared to use your box of lasagna pasta - in the exact same way - to use it up. 


Well - as I’m sure you’re chuckling already - I’ve read many of the letters posted at your site - you know what follows. Like - did I mention I’m Italian? Been eating pasta every week, sometimes three times a week - for over 50 years. I can now say I am back on pasta! Your pasta! This was quite a treat. I quickly forgot that it was just lasagna - the quality of the product is fabulous - pretty much exactly what you say on the box - and more! So - I’m embarrassed that it didn’t work out with the girl. And that I left it in the cupboard for months - and that I tried yours last - but Wow - that’s some pasta you’ve got there!


So now I’m quite anxious to get back to the store I bought it from (Nature’s Fare in West Kelowna I believe) and check out some of the ‘regular’ types of pastas; I’m sure your penne is fabulous. Imagine a dente, penne that isn’t so mushy you can actually bite it. If it has as nice a feel in the mouth as the lasagna I used - (in a bowl like penne!!)


So - ‘Comares’, Thank you all for a job well done! You’ve earned the respect of this guy and I’ll be buying your company’s pasta from here on. 




Thank you,



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