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Life is for enjoyment. We would love to see that you thoroughly enjoy our products, PASTA JOY. That has been Mission Day1, 1997.

Q. Do you manufacture any products other than rice pastas?

A. No, we do not.  We specialize in making pastas with one grain, rice, only.  Peace of mind for our customer-supporters is our priority.  The entire manufacturing facility and machines are dedicated to making rice pastas to prevent cross-contamination at production.

Q. Do you use flour supplied by other companies?

A. No, we do not use flour that is refined or processed.  We purchased whole grain rice from U.S.A.  The entire manufacturing process is under our care and control, all done in-house, from grinding of the rice grain to packaging.

Q. Is your product Vegan?

A. Yes, all our products are Vegan certified.

Q. Is your product koshered?

A. Yes, all our products are kosher certified.

Q. Do you use GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) ingredients?

A. No.  We do not support GMO or GE (Genetic Engineering).  We believe in the benefits of simple ingredient food.  All our products are certified by Non GMO Verified Project. 

Q. Do any of your products have corn as ingredient?

A.  No, we handle grain rice only.  We do not make products with any other grain or cereal, including corn.

Q. Do you have the Big-8 allergens in your manufacturing process?

A. No, we are fully aware of the importance of keeping our manufacturing process away from the Big-8 allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans).  Our ingredient is simple, rice, and vegetable powder added to our Vegetable pastas, with good manufacturing practice cleaning every time after running Vegetable pasta batches.

Q. Do you use emulsifiers?

A. No.  We do not use emulsifiers.  Through our unique manufacturing process, we make our pastas with good texture without using emulsifiers. 

Q. Are your products gluten-free?

A. Yes, all our products are gluten-free certified. We have served the celiac and gluten intolerance community since we started in 1997.  Yes, a quarter century!  Happily and heartily serving......

Q. Is your product for me?

A. Yes, absolutely, if you love pastas and especially al dente pastas, and if you are not allergic to rice or rice products, and if you are considering our Vegetable product pastas and Vegan products as they are, to the vegetable powder ingredients as listed on the respective packages.  Our customers, and supporters, consist of a wide range from people who are intolerant to products that contain gluten (such as wheat, rye, and barley), people who want simple ingredient food, traditionally pasta-lover Italians, athletes, chefs, vegetarians, all ages, to people who enjoy food gourmet and not mediocre.  ‘cause we believe in success from dedication and best effort to make our pastas fulfilling and enjoyable.

Q. Can I cook your pastas not with a traditional cooking method?

A. Yes, and while you can prepare our pastas using the traditional cooking method with ease, you can also use our Easy and Energy-saving Cooking method (boil for about 2 minutes and cover the pot for a brief period as recommended on the package respective to the pasta style).

As a distinct feature of our pastas, they have very good texture and can withstand quite a bit of over-cooking.

Q. Can I cook your Lasagne and Grand (Jumbo) Shell Direct-to-oven?

A. Yes for Lasagne, but no for the Grand shell (re Product pages in this web-site).  Our Grand Shell comes very unique in the gluten-free food industry, but unfortunately its special shape and texture will make Direct-to-oven a difficult task for bringing to you the best results for enjoyment.

Q. What are my choices of your pastas?

A. Many.  Here they are…. (also in this site’s Product pages)

Brown Rice Pastas






Little Dreams (fun shapes)




Grand (Jumbo) Shell

Organic Brown Rice Pastas






Vegetable Brown Rice Pastas

Spinach Spaghetti

Vegetable (carrot/ tomato/spinach) Spirals

White Rice Pastas



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19 varieties, organic, regular and vegetable pastas…. for your ultimate enjoyment!

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